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Physicals Specialist

Sudhir R. Gogu, DO, PhD, MBA -  - Urgent Care and Family Practice

Stone Oak Urgent Care & Family Practice

Sudhir R. Gogu, DO, PhD, MBA

Urgent Care and Family Practice located in Stone Oak, San Antonio, TX

Having regular physicals can be instrumental in detecting major health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and more, so they’re important for both adults and children. At Stone Oak Urgent Care & Family Practice in San Antonio, talented and skilled physician Sudhir Gogu, DO, PhD, MBA, offers standard physicals for all ages, as well as sports physicals, department of transportation (DOT) physicals, immigration physicals, and other customized exams based on your needs. Call the office or use online booking to make your appointment now.


Why do I need regular physicals?

You need annual physicals (or more often, as-recommended by Dr. Gogu) to enjoy good bodywide health. During your physical, Dr. Gogu talks about your current health and lifestyle with you and compares your current state of health to your last physical. 

Regular physicals are often the time when serious health concerns such as high cholesterol, hypertension (high blood pressure), type 2 diabetes, and hyperthyroidism are first discovered. It’s vital to find these conditions early because that allows for immediate preventive tactics to avoid more serious health problems. 

Regular physicals also help you maintain your current health issues. Dr. Gogu can renew your prescriptions, make medication changes, and counsel you about lifestyle changes to help you enjoy the best health possible. 

Stone Oak Urgent Care & Family Practice offers both adult physicals for you and childhood physicals for your kids. He also offers a variety of other specific physicals.

What other types of physicals are available?

Stone Oak Urgent Care & Family Practice offers the following specialized physicals.

DOT physicals

If you’re a commercial driver in Texas, you may need a DOT physical depending on the materials you transport, vehicle weight, and vehicle passenger capacity. In this physical, Dr. Gogu assesses vision, hearing, blood pressure, and provides a full physical exam. He also screens for diabetes and other conditions through a urinalysis. 

Immigration physicals

If you’re seeking permanent United States residency, you need an immigration physical. This physical generally includes a full-body exam as well as a chest X-ray and a blood test to check for infectious disease.

Sports physicals

The University Interscholastic League requires junior high and high school students in Texas to undergo a sports physical at certain points. Usually, sports physicals happen before the start of each sports season. A sports physical includes a whole-body exam with an emphasis on whether you’re able to participate in your sport safely.

All types of physicals can include vaccinations and other care as-needed. Stone Oak Urgent Care & Family Practice understands that you need to pass DOT physicals, immigration physicals, or sports physicals in San Antonio and they’re here to help you do so successfully.

Arrange your affordable physical by calling Stone Oak Urgent Care & Family Practice or booking through online scheduling anytime.

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